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News 2005

New Mammalian Genome Collection (MGC) full-length cDNA clones available at TCAG (lowest price)

TCAG now houses:

  • Human MGC - more than 18,000 clones (IRAT plates 1-86 and IRAU plates 1-104)
  • Mouse MGC - more than 13,000 clones (IRAV plates 1-84, 87-136, 139-143)

More information about the Mammalian Gene Collection can be found at: Please enquire about genes or clones of interest at our Genome Resources facility (

Other news:

TCAG also has human and mouse BACs (lowest price).

As of August 2005, TCAG has relocated to the MaRS Centre - East Tower, 101 College St., Room 14-601, Toronto, ON, M5G 1L7. Visit our website ( for updated contact information.

The address for ordering oligos from TCAG's DNA synthesis facility by email has been changed to: Online ordering coming soon!

New request forms for the DNA Sequencing facility are now available on the TCAG website. Be sure to download the new form before your next order!

For additional information contact Jo-Anne Herbrick (