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News 2007

Affymetrix launches program to advance cancer research

TCAG at SickKids is excited to report that Affymetrix has launched a new program, Collaborations in Cancer Research Program, an alliance between Affymetrix and 30 leading cancer researchers throughout Europe. The projects funded as part of this program take an integrative approach to studying different types of cancers using a variety of microarray-based tools including copy number analysis, chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChiP), gene expression and splicing pattern analysis.

Affymetrix, in addition to providing these tools will facilitate a forum whereby researchers can exchange knowledge gained from these studies. The partnership with these leading European scientist aims to accelerate breakthroughs in more that 10 types of cancer and will be extended to include selected cancer research groups in North America and Japan. For more information regarding this program please contact Dr. Chao Lu (TCAG microarray facility manager)

The full announcement can be found here