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Contact Info:
Stephen W. Scherer
The Centre for Applied Genomics
The Hospital for Sick Children
Peter Gilgan Centre for Research and Learning
686 Bay Street, Room 13.9800
Toronto, Ontario, M5G 0A4, Canada
(416) 813-7613 (office)
(416) 813-8319 (fax)

Elaine Chang
Dr. Scherer's Assistant
Phone: (416) 813-7654 x301574
Fax: (416) 813-8319

Research Biosketch

Professor Scherer’s research includes understanding the composition of the human genome for studies of genetic disease built around three themes: (1) gene copy number and structural variation in the human genome, (2) determining the genetic architecture in autism spectrum disorders and using this information to help families, and (3) developing infrastructure and capacity in Canada for translational genomic research. He has co-published 595 papers and many of these have been in the highest impact periodicals, such as Nature, Nature Genetics, Nature Medicine, the New England Journal of Medicine, and Science. His research discoveries have also headlined in the New York Times, Globe and Mail, The Independent, Time, Newsweek, Scientific American, and he often appears on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) and other national media explaining scientific breakthroughs.

He achieved the distinction of Thomson Reuters Highly Cited Researcher (current Web of Science h-index=109; 54,901 citations; Google Scholar h-index=133; 84,301 citations). In 2014, he was selected as a Thomson Reuters Citation Laureate for seminal contributions to the field of Physiology or Medicine “For the discovery of large-scale copy number variation and its association with specific diseases”, placing his name on the lifetime Thomson Reuters Hall of Laureates ( He was also awarded the $5M Premier’s Summit Award, appointed as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. He has won a Howard Hughes Medical Institute International Scholars Award, the Steacie Prize, the Killam Prize in Health Sciences, and three honorary degrees (Windsor, Waterloo, Western), amongst other distinctions. He represented Canada on the Boards of Trustees of the Human Genome Organization and the American Society of Human Genetics.

He holds leadership positions on numerous grants, and funding to his program has exceeded >$319M, impacting basic science and knowledge translation. He is Director of The Centre for Applied Genomics, managing $89M of revenues in the past 5 years, and Director of the University of Toronto McLaughlin Centre, a $50M endowment that funds research and education in genomic medicine. Through this dynamic translational research program, he has supervised 19 graduate students, 44 post-doctoral fellows, 52 visiting fellows and >200 undergraduate students; and these scientists are now working in 20 countries around the world. He has also delivered >400 invited presentations in 28 countries.

Dr. Scherer is the GlaxoSmithKline Research Chair in Genome Sciences at the Hospital for Sick Children and University of Toronto. For these many contributions to science he is recognized as a distinguished ‘University’ Professor at the University of Toronto, the very highest distinction held by only a few its faculty, at a time. He is also a Senior Fellow at Massey College in the University of Toronto.